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There Comes A Time | Graham Colton

A modern day version of Feelin’ Good. There comes a time, when you realize, The the past is over There comes a time, When you decide That your life has just begun There comes a time, when you will say, That it’s undiscovered There comes

Visit England Regrammed My Instagram Photo!

If you’re following me on Twitter and Instagram, you might have noticed I’ve been spending my weekends at the coast (see my visit to Hastings). It’s always nice to photograph somewhere new. Related posts: A visit to Amsterdam A visit to Copenhagen I shared a

A Visit To… Hastings, Kent | Pirate Day

Hastings is definitely worth a visit. Just mind the pirates. Okay. Everyone else sees what I see, right?! Pirates. Everywhere. Casually walking around the streets of Hastings. No one else freaking out? Shiver me timbers! This was my first time visiting Hastings. Was this a

TLC & Destiny’s Child

Not sure what I was thinking about yesterday morning that led me to listen to Creep by TLC, but I’m glad it happened. It then led me to revisit a few other TLC songs. I think: Don’t go chasing waterfalls Please stick to the rivers

Say U Want Me | Chris Farren

Say U Want Me is the lead single from Chris Farren’s new album, Can’t Die. If you like this, you should check out his Christmas album (better than Bubble) and Antarctic Vespucci (a collaboration with Jeff Rosenstock).